Bostic Construction Management LLC

Certified Professional Estimator

Certified Construction Project Manager

NYC DOB Registered Superintendent License

OSHA 30 * SST 62 * Scaffold 32 * Rigging 32 * FDNY S-56

Certified Construction Supervisor: FDNY S-56 Construction Site Fire Safety Manager for fire safety protocals. The 30-hour OSHA Supervisor: It is a comprehensive safety program designed for anyone involved in the construction industry. Specifically devised for safety directors, foremen, and field supervisors; the program provides complete information on OSHA compliance issues. The 32-Hour Suspended Scaffold Supervisor: As per 3314.4.5.3 of the 2014 NYC Construction Code, this 32 Hour suspended scaffolding certification is required by the New York City Department of Buildings to supervise suspended scaffold projects on construction sites in New York City. The 32-Hour Rigging Supervisor: We are not hired directly by New York City licensed riggers. We are trained in the understanding of OSHA and DOB policies, procedures, and ASME rigging standards with a special emphasis on supervision and coordination of rigging crews and rigging equipment setup. The SST 62-hour Site Safety Training Supervisor: Local Law 196 of 2017, requires Supervisors at job sites requiring a Construction Superintendent, Site Safety Coordinator or Site Safety Manager receive 62 hours of site safety training, SST. This only includes Site Safety Managers, Site Safety Coordinators, Concrete Safety Managers, Construction Superintendents, and The Competent Persons designated by Construction Superintendents. SST 62-hour Site Safety Training Supervisor works under The NYC DOB Registered Superintendent designated as The Competent Person at the jobsite.
NYC DOB Registered Superintendent License: A Construction Superintendent is required on a PW Permit when the project is not a site safety job under a Site Safety Program and the work includes one of the following: Vertical or horizontal enlargement. Demolitions of more than 50% of floor area of the existing building. Alterations of more than 50% of floor area of the existing building that require special inspection for structural stability. Complete removal of one or more floors, stories. Any work requiring a special inspection for support of excavation or underpinning. Registered Construction Superintendents cannot be designated on more than 3 active jobs as of 1-1-2024. Primary Registered Construction Superintendents must visit all jobs on which they are designated. Registered Construction Superintendents must keep a complete and detailed log of their daily activities. Registered Construction Superintendents have several required duties, including maintaining a safe construction site, ensuring compliance with approved plans, and correcting unsafe conditions. Registered Construction Superintendents must designate a competent person in writing in their daily log to oversee the construction site at all times active work occurs.
Pace University Certified Construction Project Manager: As a Commercial Construction Project Manager, it is my responsibility to make decisions both large and small. Construction Project Manager make sure they control risk and minimize uncertainty. Every decision the Project Manager makes must directly benefit their project. As a Construction Project Manager, I use project management software such as Bluebeam Extreme, Procore, eSUB, Microsoft Project, and Microsoft Visio, to organize my tasks and workforce. These software packages allow me to produce reports and charts in a few minutes, compared with the several hours it can take if it is done by hand. As a Commercial Construction Project Manager, it is my roles and responsibilities are to plan defining scope, activity planning, sequencing, resource planning, developing schedules, time estimating, cost estimating, develop a budget, documentation, creating charts, managing risk, resolving issues, reporting progress, team leadership, strategic influencing, working with vendors, controlling quality, and benefits realization.

Certified Professional Estimator: It has never been more critical for commercial construction companies to keep track of subcontractor expenditures, actual labor costs, equipment costs, material costs, and other budgetary matters. Estimating software provides commercial construction companies with the tools to track essential data, such as stored materials, back orders, and other issues related to commercial construction projects. Cost estimating software allows for better commercial project management. There are software options that maintain a database of costs and prices that are updated as required which will avoid cost build overruns. As any Commercial Construction Project Manager Consultant knows keeping track of incurring expenses related to material, equipment, labor, and overall cost of the project requires constant maintenance. Using digital estimation software products will provide an efficient way to process estimates, track projects, put more quotes out into the market place, win more bids, and dedicate more time to other important aspects to manage commercial construction projects. As a Commercial Construction Project Manager Consultant, I found it a wise for me to purchase three commercial construction estimating software packages Craftsman National Estimation Software for all Construction Projects, McCormick Systems Estimating Software which is more focus on Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanical Commercial Projects, and PlanSwift 10 Estimating Software for General Commercial Construction Companies which covers everything.


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